Pickled Asparagus

by Josée

When our Korean student left a couple months ago, I stopped making kimchi. Being the only person that would eat it, I figured it wasn’t worth it. But, a few days ago I had a hankering for some kimchi and rice. I bought some napa cabbage yet forgot the daikon radish. A quick trip to the store to buy some daikon is practically an oxymoron but the fact that the bakery gives little ones a free cookie made it seem worth it.

I drove to the store and got a noisy cart. This cart was exceptionally noisy and I kept giving apologetic glances to the other customers around me. First stop, the bakery, second stop daikon.

I searched for the daikon.. and couldn’t find it. I asked the produce man “where is the daikon?”. The conversation continued like this. “None, are you sure? Can’t you look in the back? My children are eating their cookie fast, my time is almost up. What!? You currently don’t have a daikon supplier!”. Oh dear, daikon mission = failed, but I did spot some nice thin asparagus further down the aisle. How about some pickled asparagus then?

I used the recipe from Well Preserved but switched the dried dill with celery seed. I won’t post the recipe, you can get it here.

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