Weekly Sustenance

by Josée

When I sit down and plan our menu for the week, the first thing I do is stick my head in the fridge and take a look around. I jot down a few notes of what needs to be used and then head to my comfy chair.

Some weeks I feel inspired and other weeks I don’t. Today I stared at the list of things sitting in my fridge and then stared some more. Somehow I needed to make a menu that included swiss chard, arugula, green beans, olives, chicken necks, mint, basil, cilantro, peppers, feta, ricotta, salami, old bananas and broccoli.

About the chicken necks, they come from the thirty-five chickens we butchered on Saturday. I plan on making a delicious chicken stock with them and pressure canning it. And with the other ingredients, here is what I came up with:

MondaySwiss chard and sweet pea manicotti and green beans.

Tuesday: Arugula salami pizza.

Wednesday: Pork slouvaki and Greek salad.

Thursday: Cream of broccoli soup.

Friday: Beef enchiladas, Mexican-style rice and lime-sour cream.

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