Little Critters in our House

by Josée

There are little critters in our house. They move in when spring arrives. First, the ants come marching in. This year they found and invaded my vermicomposter. I haven’t called the exterminators for a couple years now. I don’t feel comfortable with them spraying chemicals all over my house. In past I’ve tried natural ant killers like borax with some success.

Then the fruit flies find their way to my fruit bowl. They always congregate on anything ripe and delicious. When they get intolerable I set up a funnel on top of a jar of apple cider vinegar. A few of them drown, but never enough.

The mosquitoes come next. They wait by the screen door for a chance to slip in for a tasty snack. Sweetpea has been their snack of choice lately. Poor thing. And then today I found another critter in our house. I have my suspicions that this one hitched a ride on Monkey.

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