Seven Quick Takes (no. 3)

by Josée

1 – We’ve had more sun the last couple days. Enough sun that I was able to hang some clothes to dry… and it actually dried. Imagine that! We’re enjoying the sunshine immensely!

2 – Since I’ve already confessed my enjoyment of Asian dramas I might as well admit that I want to eat the food that I always see on the shows. Maangchi has a good collection of Korean recipes but getting some of the exotic ingredients up here aren’t easy. Any Koreans out there that read my blog? Can you send me some ingredients? Just thought I’d ask. Tonight I settled for Japanese food, which was very tasty.

3 – I finished knitting my shirt. Well, almost. It just goes to show how much time I’ve spent watching Asian dramas lately. No I’m not neglecting my children or husband or home. I just go to bed much too late. I still need to figure out how to attach the I-cord edging on the shirt. I’m a little lost on this one… but I’ve got two episodes of My Princess left to figure it out.

4 – Tomorrow is farmers’ market day. I’m hoping to return with some goodies to can. Some apricots would be great!

5 – Do you ever look at your little one(s) and think “I have the cutest kids in the world!” and really believe it. It’s funny how that works.

6 – My husbands vacation time is coming up. There are so many places that would be fun to visit. I’m torn about what we should do. We’ll be definitely going South… but how far South that’s the question.

7 – I recently came across a line of certified organic makeup called Zuii that our local health food store started to carry. I haven’t tried it. I don’t wear much makeup these days. But, it sounds interesting. Interesting enough to try?

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