by Josée

We have returned. Our family had some vacation time. We made plans to go South and visit our friends and family. Unfortunately, my Hubby’s Grandmother had a stroke and passed away so we found ourselves driving North instead of South.

Before going North we did sneak in a quick visit with a couple dear friends and then restocked our bags at home for the long trip North. But, when we returned home for this quick stopover we discovered a little critter had moved in – a mouse. Thanks to a peanut butter trap the little mouse moved out of our house.

Up North we spent our time with family celebrating the 80th birthday of Hubby’s uncle and mourning the loss of dear Grandmaman. Grandmaman lived a long and beautiful life. She had ten children and has many grandchildren and great grandchildren. Hearing about her life made me think about many things and how so much has changed in the last century.

While Hubby still has some time off we were too exhausted to continue on so we returned home. Travelling with little ones is worth it but can be very draining. Now that we’re home, I’m thinking of all the project I want to start or continue… more about that later.

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Elisa September 12, 2011 - 5:03 pm

Aww…what a sweet last picture.


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