Swiftly Moving

by Josée

If someone asked me what I did yesterday, I would have to think for a while before answering. The days seem to pass quickly, even details of the morning slip away by the time the sun goes down, which is early these days.

One day flows into another and already a week has passed by. In the last week we’ve had visits with friends and family, some anticipated and others joyfully unexpected. There have been adventures to the park and surrounding forests. There has been sunshine and rain, wellness and sickness, joys and sadness. There has been exciting announcements of births and sad news of friends leaving town.

Some things stay the same. The knitting continues. The latest completed project has been A Noble Cowl and I’m searching for the perfect cowl pin to accompany it. Now that canning has slowed down, quilting has made it’s appearance once more. It has been a while since my last quilting project and now I’m hoping to complete a quilt made up of men’s used cotton dress shirts. My husband thinks it won’t be completed for a least six months so I have a goal of finishing it before then.

My sourdough culture from the spring died. I was too tired to take care of it. Luckily, my mother shared a bit of her culture with me and I started making some lovely sourdough bread again. Cinnamon rolls have also been consumed in unhealthy amounts around here, thanks to the Pioneer Woman and her delicious recipe.

With no shows or movies we’ve been spending a lot of time reading. Sweetpea has mastered the phrase “Maman, read a book?” while clambering onto my lab with a copy of Time for Bed. Monkey has been captivated by The Hungry Caterpillar and Ten Apples Up on Top. I’ve just started reading The Help.

The next week will probably move as swiftly as the last, but I thank God for the blessings of each day whenever I can catch my breath.

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cindyswobblog October 21, 2011 - 8:58 pm

Can't wait to try those cinnamon buns – went shopping today for all the ingredients. Thanks for sharing that link!


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