A few Thoughts on a Handmade Christmas

by Josée

Last night I fell into a restless sleep. I was thinking about a handmade Christmas. In the last couple weeks I’ve come to a few realizations.

First, I won’t be able to make all my gifts or get them second hand. Inevitably, there will be a few things that I will buy brand new. Gasp! Yes, but I think the point here is not get drawn into the consumerism of Christmas. Purchasing a new gift here or there, especially when it is well thought out is fine.

The next thing I’ve noticed is that time is going by all too quickly and I’ve barely put a dent in the few projects I have picked out. This has put me into a bit of panic mode. The other problem is that there are some people that I have no idea what to make for them or I worry that they won’t appreciate a handmade gift. This is a tricky thing.

I did come across a helpful free e-book for planning a simpler Christmas. It has helped put a few things into perspective for planning my handmade Christmas. If you have a moment it’s worth taking a quick look. Also, I picked up a stack of books on the library on a handmade gifts. My plan tonight is to flip through them and get inspired.

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