Advent in our Home

by Josée
Advent is here. So is more snow. On Sunday we set up our Jesse Tree. This time we placed it in our dining area along with the Advent wreath (or candles… the wreath is yet to come). Before bed we light the Advent candle(s) say a simple prayer and then talk about the symbol for our Jesse tree. We keep the discussion short. For example, the first symbol (the earth) we mentioned that we live on the earth and God made the earth. That’s it. As Monkey gets older we’ll include Bible readings and more discussion. Meaningful traditions don’t need to be complicated.

We also put out our nativity scene, minus a few characters (baby Jesus and the wise men). In all the excitement Joseph lost his staff but a little glue did the trick. As the weeks go by we’ll move Joseph and Mary closer to the manger. Baby Jesus will appear on Christmas day and the wise men won’t come until after Christmas, after which they will journey to the manger and arrive on the Feast of the Epiphany which is celebrated on January 6th.

I took out our Christmas books and borrowed a few more from the library. If you are looking for Advent and Christmas book inspirations check out Jessica’s link up over at Shower of Roses. There are so many beautiful books out there. I’ll share of few of my favorites soon.

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