A Handmade Christmas: Crazy Crayons

by Josée

I had almost given up on this project because I couldn’t find a mold for the crayons. Then I happened to stop at a local thrift store (just yesterday) and there I found the perfect mold, a small muffin tin. To make the crazy crayons I used these instructions.

Monkey enjoyed taking off the paper and breaking the crayon into smaller bits. I think its because he was allowed to do what I normally don’t let him: destroy the crayons! The whole process took us a couple hours but he helped until we put them into the oven to melt.

These crazy crayons are going to be little gifts from Monkey to his friends. Tonight he selected each crazy crayon for his buddies and we packed them up.

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cindyswobblog December 23, 2011 - 6:18 am

What a fun idea! Monkey looks so grown up in that photo 🙂


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