Child Friendly Nesting Dolls

by Josée

One Christmas my daughter was given a set of Schylling Sock Monkey Nesting Monkeys. She played with them a lot and  really liked the different faces on each monkey, they’re so cute! However, after a few days the paint started coming off the monkeys leaving them armless, eyeless, mouthless or completely faceless – yikes! It was so disappointing. We gave the nesting monkeys. In my search to replace them with something beautiful and durable I compiled a short list of child-friendly nesting dolls, bowls and blocks.

 Child-Friendly Nesting Dolls from The Golden Cockerel.

The Golden Cockerel makes beautiful nesting dolls, many of which are tagged as “child-friendly”. Look for the little image of the green leaf and ant. 

Grimm’s Nesting Bowls, Cubes and Stackers.

Grimm’s makes beautiful wood nesting bowls, boxes and stackers for childrem.

Rainbow Stacker

Fire Flames Stacker

Flower Tower

Stacking Boxes

Nesting Rainbow Bowls

Melissa & Doug 10-Piece Alphabet Nesting and Stacking Blocks

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Chelsea Rae January 27, 2012 - 4:50 am

Did you search on etsy? I tried typing in nesting dolls and a whole bunch came up, that might be a good option. 🙂


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