by Josée

I am restless. I have been getting mild contractions for most of the day but things haven’t moved beyond that. At times I feel like I might switch into active labour, but then I don’t. It’s tiring, both physically and mentally, and I’ve been doing a lot of resting to keep up my energy for when the time comes.

I let Sweetpea put some icing on cookies for the first time.
As soon as the cookie was iced she ate it.

At 39 weeks, I’m feeling ready to deliver this baby. More ready than I did at this time with my previous two. I don’t know why I feel so much more impatient this time around, but I think these last few days are going to feel very long.

I do dress my son , if you are wondering,
but he prefers to run around in his underwear.

Everything at home is prepared and we have hospital bag packed just in case. Now I just need to find some good distractions for the next little bit. Any suggestions?

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Anonymous February 21, 2012 - 7:31 pm

Have you found any good shows to watch? Andres and I have recently discovered "Downton Abbey" and it's awesome. A great way to pass the evenings 🙂

Elisa February 23, 2012 - 4:11 am

Blog reading! =) Of course, that requires sitting still, which is not an easy task while in labor. Praying for you!!


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