Valentine’s Day Round-Up

by Josée

With Valentine’s Day this coming Tuesday, there is no shortage of love inspired crafts, recipes and activities in the blogosphere. This year we will be keeping our Valentine’s Day celebration simple, eco-friendly and filled with delicious “real food” treats. I want to share a few of my favorite ideas in this Valentine’s Day round-up.

Valentine’s Day cards are fun to give out whether you are a little or big person. I have come across four card ideas that are unique and can be made with recycled (or recyclable) materials.

I’ve been following Joel’s bog for some time. He has some really neat craft and colouring activities and recently published a book called Made to Play. Here are some Valentine’s Card Creatures from Made by Joel.

I came across these Paper Airplane Valentine’s (pdf) (from Country Living) on The Write Start blog page.

I really like these Love Bug Valentines from Nature for Kids. Instead of buying plastic bugs you could use bug candies or draw a bug in the jar.

And here are some very simple Hand Shaped Valentines from Martha Stewart that you could make with little ones of any age.

Celebrating special occasions with food is a must around here. The are plenty of simple foods that you could prepare for Valentine’s Day. Make a berry smoothie or cook some pink pancakes using beet puree or natural food colouring. Cute Food for Kids has a list of 50 Treat Ideas for Valentine’s Day. I like the idea of making Homemade Valentine’s Day Mints or heart sugar cookies.

Activities for little ones can be as simple as making homemade pink play dough and or doing some hand or foot print art. Handprint and Footprint Art has some cute ideas like this Footprint Love Bug Craft. Also, here is a round-up of various Montesorri inspired Valentine’s Day ideas.

Feel free to share what you’ll be doing for Valentine’s Day this year.

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Chelsea Rae February 13, 2012 - 6:48 am

Did you get our Valeninte? We made recycled heart shaped crayons for the kids in Mary's class and sent cards to our family and friends.

I'm planning on doing a special fancy dinner on Valentines with the kids, heart shaped pizza and pink juice maybe. I like to think I'll have my act together enough to plan a craft but that kind of depends on Alex.

Josée February 14, 2012 - 10:41 pm

Thanks Chelsea! We received your Valentine's Day card and it's soo cute 🙂 Hope you have a lovely dinner tonight!


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