Winter Adventures

by Josée

When I was little my father would take us on outdoors adventures almost every weekend. In the summer we might go camping, hiking, rock climbing, biking or swimming in a chilly lake. In the winter we’d go sledding, ice fishing or stomping through the snow somewheres. The highlight of our snowy adventures was building a fire and eating Habitant pea soup from cups and wieners off sticks.

Today was a nice mild day. A perfect day relive some of those memories with our little ones. We met family and friends at a local lake and ate some delicious homemade tomato soup, wieners, marshmallows and cheese (no meal is complete without cheese).

The little ones played on the sleds and some of the adults skied on the frozen lake. I sat by the cozy fire and ate cheese… and chocolate.

We knew it was time to leave when the little ones all started crying. So we packed our things and started to drive away… but then we got stuck in the un-plowed parking lot. Eventually we got out and made our way home.

A very distressed Monkey. He wanted to keep up to his grandfather skate skiing, but there was no chance of that.

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cindyswobblog February 6, 2012 - 5:44 am

I sure wish Bunny liked the snow more than she does! We try at many opportunities to either go for walks or get together with friends to go sledding. Bunny will have none of it. I coaxed her to get on the sled with me twice but that was all I could handle! It sounds like you're making lots of special memories with your two out in the snow. I love your pictures! It looks sooo beautiful up there. Makes me want to live up north 🙂 Hope you're doing well!


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