Seven Quick Takes

by Josée
— 1 —

It surprises me that people are so interested in a newborn’s sleep habits. I get asked, repeatedly throughout the day, how Teddy is sleeping. I respond to these inquiries by saying “he sleeps like a newborn” which means he sleeps for nice stretches during the day but wakes up every hour or two at night. Typical newborn, tired mama, thank you for asking.

— 2 —

Teddy got his first bath last night. Yes, we waited almost two weeks to bathe him. We believe in conserving water over here. Alright, that’s not the real reason. I just didn’t have the motivation to do it until he started smelling like curdled milk and pee. He was born in a water birthing tub so technically that makes last night’s bath his second.

— 3 —

I’ve been giving some thought to Meg’s recent post No Such Thing as Bad Weather over at Sew Liberated. Living up North there is a lot of what many would consider to be “bad” weather. We have plenty of snow, ice, hail and below freezing temperatures. But it’s true that there is no such thing as bad weather – only bad outdoor clothing. This winter we invested in some good quality snow gear for our children from MEC. Even if it was below -20C (-4F) Monkey would come inside sweating. Outdoor play is much more pleasant when you can be warm and dry. Now that the snow is melting it’s time to see what kind of water proof gear I have tucked away for puddle splashing.

— 4 —

Monkey has discovered games. Dominoes, checkers, go fish, crib (simplified with dice) and The Kids of Carcassonne have been played repeatedly over the last few weeks. The moment I wake up Monkey begs me to play a game with him. This is pretty significant. Usually the first thing he asks for in the morning is food. Do your children have any favourite (offline) games?

— 5 —

Slow and steady wins the race. My dad is training for his first Iron Man marathon. I think he’s a bit crazy, but we are quite similar so I have to be careful what I say. While I don’t foresee an Iron Man in my near future, I would like to start running again. But before running, I should start walking around a little bit more. I haven’t gone for good walk in quite some time.

— 6 —

The must be something about the third baby. Maybe it’s less of a novelty when your third baby is born but I have noticed that people seem a little less eager to help out. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am blessed to have some wonderful friends and family who have gone out of their way to bring delicious meals over and entertain my little ones. To them I am very very grateful. However, I wonder if other moms have noticed this too – that the more children they have the less help people offer. Any thoughts?

— 7 —
I’m itching to visit a yarn shop. It has been too long. I’m hoping to get there sometime this weekend and pick out some noro yarn for a couple cute projects that I picked out from Knit Noro.
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Anonymous March 17, 2012 - 8:36 pm

Absolutely! People were all over my first born… huge suprise baby shower, regular casseroles and offers to help… my second one had a bit of fanfare because he was a New Year's baby… but no gifts or shower or food. My third… hardly a visitor. Now that we're expecting #4 I expect nothing at all, just a nice quite babymoon. It's sad, but I guess understandable.

Elisa March 19, 2012 - 2:49 am

#2 – I do the same. =) They get wiped so much they are basically getting daily washcloth baths. =)
#6 – I blame the culture. People are just selfish these days and some don't even think having a third child is "right". So wrong. I try to think the best of people and I ask for help. I just figure they can always say no, but I'd help my friends, so I don't feel bad asking.


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