Teddy at Two Months

by Josée

Teddy, you’ve been out in the world for two months now. How are you finding it? I can tell that you enjoy your milk. Those cheeks are evidence of your big appetite; they seem to get bigger everyday! Your little smiles and coos make me forget, if only for a moment, the long nights of frequent feeds. For a maman that’s so small, I’m amazed by how big my little boys get.

After some intensive soother training, thanks to your papa, you’ve decided to like your sus-sus. I have to admit that it has been handy for putting you to sleep. Putting you to sleep is one thing but keeping you asleep is another. I know that you are only two months old so I don’t have big expectations. It would be nice, however, if you would grunt a little less at night. Sometime I do feel like I’m sleeping with a little bear. A Teddy bear.

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Chelsea Rae May 1, 2012 - 7:50 pm

Sleep… one day we will sleep again… I hope?

Mr. Grouchypants is sleeping worse now than when he was first born. I'm with ya.

Nathaniel had to do some intensive training to get our little man to like his sus-sus as well… I'm SO glad he did though, I have to say having a baby who takes one is a completely different experience and I love it! It might just be his one redeeming quality. 😉


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