The Horseback Riding Lesson

by Josée

A while back someone gave me a friendly bit of advice. She told me that each activity I register my child into, I register myself into it as well. It it made sense to me. When you put your child in any sort of structured activity you commit, at the very least, to getting them there and back, but there’s usually more involved. You might participate with the child or observe the activity. There might be home practice sessions or out of town commitments. Equipment to buy, snacks to pack, carrots to bring…. you get the idea.

Sweetpea, stop licking that carrot! It’s for the pony, not you.

There are so many different activities that are available for little ones and many of them are wonderful. But after reading Simplicity Parenting, I made the decision to limit the structured activities our little ones take part in. Right now, for our family, that means no more than one activity for each child.

In the past we’ve registered Monkey in swimming lessons and gymnastics. The swimming terrified him. Gymnastics was fun for a while. He hasn’t been registered in anything for the last six months, neither has Sweetpea. Then this past Saturday Monkey had his first lesson in horseback riding.

I’ve never taken horseback riding lessons, but I always wanted to. My mother grew up around horses. I grew up around an inverted Rubbermaid bin with a saddle perched on top. Over the last couple years my mother started riding again and she wanted to share this passion with her grandson. All we had to do was show up with Monkey and bring his helmet (which we forgot).

She wanted to have a turn so badly.

We weren’t sure what kind reaction Monkey would have to learning to ride a horse. He was shy, but the instructor was so good. He was scared to guide the pony on his own but he did manage to do it. I could tell that he was unsure about the whole experience, and so was I.

The next day as we were driving to church Monkey mentioned that he wanted to go ride a horse again. We were a little surprised. His Mamou (grandmother) was pleased.

Lucky girl!

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Kaylana May 22, 2012 - 4:56 am

Oh, how wonderful!! Learning about animals will help to build any child's confidence. So glad he enjoyed it!

(…Longing for the day when I can teach my own children so that they don't have to use the Rubbermaid…)


Kim Corrigan-Oliver May 22, 2012 - 11:33 am

Wonderful post!! Wasn't Simplicity Parenting a great book.

We are the same here with structured activities, right now it is music class at least for another three weeks. Then nothing over the summer…looking forward to that.

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