Washing My Face With Oil

by Josée

A couple weeks ago I ran out of my Druide face cleanser, so I started washing my face with whatever happened to be in the near vicinity. Shampoo, bar soap, baby bubble bath… and sometimes just plain water. The fact is I’m wary of most body care products. Even products that claim to be natural or organic can still contain some frightening chemicals in them. I like to use products on my body that I could eat without any ill effect. Not to say that I would eat my body care products, but it’s nice to have the option in case of emergency. You can check out what kind of chemicals are in your body care products by visiting the EWG’s Skin Deep Cosmetic Database.

Over the last year I’ve experimented with making my own body care products. Some of my homemade products have been a success like my homemade lip balm and deodorant. Here is a good recipe for anyone wanting to try homemade deodorant. Other homemade body care products have gone terribly wrong like my homemade toothpaste – yuck!

One thing I haven’t been able to figure out is how to make a nice face cleanser. But then I started to question the benefits of conventional face cleaners. Most face cleansers strip your skin of its natural oils which forces you rebalance your skin by using toners and creams. It seems a little strange when you think about it. Then I stumbled upon the idea of washing my face with oil, and it makes so much more sense.

Here is the Nitty Gritty on the Oil Cleansing Method. I decided to mix half-and-half castor oil and organic jojoba oil for my first oil cleansing regiment. The process is easy and leaves your face feeling nice and clean. Plus, because I’m not stripping all the oil off my skin I don’t need to be using a face cream afterwards. The end result is a simpler, healthier and cheaper face cleansing regiment.

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Chelsea Rae May 9, 2012 - 1:43 am

I read about this on another blog a few months ago. I always use cream, my face tends to be very dry, I wonder if this would work for me? Hmmm.

Kaylana May 9, 2012 - 5:34 am

This is great! My sister-in-law makes her own beauty products too.
As the Nitty Gritty says, "Like cleans like". When my husband told me to use oil to clean the oily cabinet tops, I thought he was crazy! Nope! Works wonders! It's also how artists clean up oil paint- more oil.
Thanks for sharing!

Amanda McDonald May 12, 2012 - 6:16 pm

Great Idea, I wonder however if you did/didn't have acne before, is the level now better, the same or worse? I would be scared of breakouts? Also, it makes sense considering our skin cells are lined with a double lipid membrane (fat).


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