Nature Walk: Last Day in the Valley

by Josée

Today is our last day in the Okanagan Valley. We had the chance to visit Mission Hill Winery and do some wine tasting. As I tasted the wine, I couldn’t help but crave a piece of Moonstruck cheese and some bread to go with it. Instead, I started reading The Joy of Cheesemaking and made a firm resolve to start making my own cheese in the very near future.

We took a walk along Okanagan lake and discussed my father’s upcoming Ironma triathlon. While we were discussing triathlon tactics Sweetpea was throwing handfuls of sand into the water and following the ducks around. 

A 3.8 km swim out towards the opposite bank of the lake.

We had the occasional Canadian goose hiss at us. I didn’t know that geese hissed, but apparently they do. And we left after a gang or rowdy teenagers hit the beach. Not that I mind rowdy teenagers but the grandmothers weren’t fans of the splashing… or the language (and frankly neither was I).

It’s been a nice trip but I’m ready to return home. Tomorrow will be another long day of driving, but I look forward to seeing Husband and Monkey.

This post is linked to Elisa’s Nature Walk.

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Vicky June 23, 2012 - 4:16 am

Your little girl is so cute! And the lake looks magnificent – Canada seems to be a very beautiful country.

God bless:-)

Chantell June 23, 2012 - 7:13 pm

You are probably very excited to see your friend as well 🙂


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