Home Eating Huckleberries

by Josée

Our little family has journeyed back up North. It is strange to think that North won’t be our home much longer. Knowing that we’ll be leaving soon makes me view my surroundings a little differently. It feels so wild and untamed up North, something I’m sure I will miss.

We’ve been exploring the outdoors and discovering some hidden surprises: huckleberries! For the last couple days we’ve been picking huckleberries, making huckleberry jam and eating huckleberry pie. When picking huckleberries out here you need to be prepared for the onslaught of mosquitoes. They hide in brush awaiting their prey (me). I wasn’t prepared and got swarmed but I didn’t want to go back and get the Bug Be Gone. I got bit, many times, but it was well worth it.

We’re taking the time to enjoy these moments before our big move South. The next month will be quite the ordeal for us but I’m praying and hoping God will give us the graces we’ll need for this big transition.

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