Capturing the Kitchen (vol. 1)

by Josée

Every week I notice how life’s rhythm and the changes of season transform my kitchen. At the end of summer, tomatoes and melons are scattered over my countertops. In the dead of winter, stew keeps our family warm. Homemade sourdough bread is a weekly affair, but cakes are only for very special occasions.

I love being in my kitchen, and I enjoy seeing what other families are creating in their own kitchens too. So what’s going on in your kitchen this week? Capture a picture of your kitchen or something in your kitchen and post it on your blog along with some words, a recipe, a menu or even a tip. Share your post by linking up below!

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The temperature is getting cooler which is signalling a shift in seasons. With fall fast approaching we are still enjoying the goodness of summer in the kitchen. Over the last week tomatoes have been prepared into soups, sauces, salads and salsas. I’ve been canning field tomatoes and freezing grape tomatoes for this winter. There are still a hundred pounds of tomatoes waiting to be preserved into something delicious. Well Preserved has posted some inspiring articles on preserving tomatoes in the last couple weeks, be sure to have a peak.
We picked some tomatillos from Covert Farms. There look like green tomatoes with papery husks. After peeling the husks away and getting our fingers sticky, I broiled and whizzed them into salsa verde. This is the first time I’ve made salsa verde and I am quite happy with the end result, a smooth and mildly spicy salsa. The recipe came from Canning for a New Generation.
Table grapes are making their way into the kitchen (along with an onslaught of fruit flies). Small, sweet and succulent, these grapes are amazing (the fruit flies aren’t). I never thought you could have too many grapes, until they started piling up in my fridge. My lovely neighbours have grapes in their backyard and are sharing their abundance with us. I’d never considered preserving grapes before but now I think I might freeze and dry a few.

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Kim Corrigan-Oliver September 13, 2012 - 1:24 am

Looks like there is a lot of excitement in your kitchen right now, love it! We are in the midst of apples and tomatoes.

Josée September 13, 2012 - 2:13 am

How do you preserve your tomatoes?


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