Capturing the Kitchen (vol. 3)

by Josée
Every week I notice how life’s rhythm and the changes of season transform my kitchen. At the end of summer, tomatoes and melons are scattered over my countertops. In the dead of winter, stew keeps our family warm. Homemade sourdough bread is a weekly affair, but cakes are only for very special occasions. 

I love being in my kitchen, and I enjoy seeing what other families are creating in their own kitchens too. So what’s going on in your kitchen this week? Capture a picture of your kitchen or something in your kitchen and post it on your blog along with some words, a recipe, a menu or even a tip. Share your post by linking up below! 

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We enjoy oatmeal for breakfast almost every morning. I try to create variations by throwing in some seasonal fruit or a spoonful of nut butter. I surround the oatmeal with milk and a drizzle maple syrup. For extra busy days I make a heartier breakfast. Something that will keep us going until past noon if necessary. This might be Coconut Honey Muffins or German Pancake.

German pancake is incredibly easy to make. We sprinkle it with a touch of sugar and serve with whipping cream and fruit. It keeps us feeling satisfied for a long time. Long enough to go to Covert Farms (yet again!) and pick more tomatoes. I promised myself that we would just go and pick berries, but the Roma tomatoes were calling out to me. I couldn’t resist just a few more tomatoes. I allowed myself to pick only sixty-five pounds of tomatoes and promised myself that I’d give them all to my mother.

My mother was please with the bounty and we spent time together canning. Canning with other people is fabulous. I enjoy canning solo but it can get lonely talking to tomatoes. We put up twenty-eight quarts of tomatoes in no time (if you ignore the 90 minute processing time for each batch of seven quarts!).

Are you getting tired of seeing tomatoes yet?

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