Capturing the Kitchen (vol. 6)

by Josée

Every week I notice how life’s rhythm and the changes of season transform my kitchen. At the end of summer, tomatoes and melons are scattered over my countertops. In the dead of winter, stew keeps our family warm. Homemade sourdough bread is a weekly affair, but cakes are only for very special occasions. 

I love being in my kitchen, and I enjoy seeing what other families are creating in their own kitchens too. So what’s going on in your kitchen this week? Capture a picture of your kitchen or something in your kitchen and post it on your blog along with some words, a recipe, a menu or even a tip. Share your post by linking up below! The link will be open until next Tuesday.

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After using up the rest of the tomatoes (huzzah!) for making salsa and stewed tomatoes, I felt a little lost in my kitchen. I wanted to preserve something, but there was nothing needing to be preserved. There will be some bosc pears to preserve in a few days when they ripen, maybe later this week.

So instead of preserving food, there was a bit of experimentation in the kitchen this past week. We have been really enjoying the heirloom tomatoes that are available at the farmers’ market and at Covert Farms. They taste wonderful! As I started to think about the type of garden I’d like to plant next spring I made the decision to plant uncommon heirloom seeds.

The point of using heirloom seeds is to help maintain plant biodiversity and to save seeds every year to be replanted the following spring. So with this plan in mind I tried to save tomato seeds from some heirloom tomatoes. The process was simple enough, but a little stinky.

I’m hoping to gather some more heirloom seeds from a variety of sources (Salt Spring Seeds, Stellar Seeds, Seeds of Diversity) over the winter. Do you have a favourite heritage seed?

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Kim Corrigan-Oliver October 17, 2012 - 12:24 am

Awesome. I have wanted to do this, but have not tried yet. Can't wait to hear more about it.


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