Let’s Have Fun: Tours of Summerland Sweets and Covert Farms

by Josée

The last couple days have been filled with fun activities for my children. It’s been a nice change of pace and a great opportunity to meet new families.

We joined a group of home learners for a tour of a Summerland Sweets, producer of fruit syrups, jams, and candies as well as other things. I’ve noticed their products in stores before and it was neat to see the place where the products are made. The tour consistent of a short video and then a tasting of their fruit syrups with a small scoop of vanilla ice cream. The video was somewhat old and I never did get to taste the syrups because my little ones gobble the ice cream down.

Later on we had a tour of a firehall. The children met with a fireman who talked about fire safety and showed them fire fighting gear and trucks. As you could imagine Monkey was in his element. My children came home with goody bags. Monkey looked through the fire safety booklet carefully and then helped his papa set up some smoke alarms in our house. Sweetpea ate the eraser off the pencil and stuck the sticker on the floor.

Today we had a tour of Covert Farms. If you’ve been reading my blog these last couple months you already know that I’ve been going to Covert Farms frequently to get produce from their u-pick. We started the tour by going on a hayride throughout their 600 acre farm. We learned about grapes, good and bad bugs, chickens, and pumpkins. The children got to pick concord grapes off their 50 year old vines, eat strawberries from their patch and pick a pumpkin to bring home.

There was also a demonstrations on making pumpkin pie (which we got to eat – yum!), grape juice and raisins. After the tour the children were encouraged to explore the various games that were set up near the market (like the jumping pillow), go into the corn maze, carve pumpkins or make scarecrows. To top it off it was a beautiful sunny day. What a wonderful tour! I highly recommend going on it if you ever have the chance.

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Elisa October 18, 2012 - 6:19 am

That first photo is perfect. What fun places you have to visit. We are going to visit a pumpkin patch soon..but it's not really a patch..they bring the pumpkins in. But the same farm does grow flowers and berries in the summer, so it's still a fun visit.

Kim Corrigan-Oliver October 18, 2012 - 10:19 pm

Looks like so much fun. Love the last picture, so cute. We are hoping for a rain free day this weekend so we can visit the pumpkin patch.


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