Seven Quick Takes

by Josée

— 1 —

Epic bread fail today. Not only did I forget to add the salt but I added too much water and over-proofed my sourdough bread. Fail, on three counts. I wanted to blame my kitchen-aid mixer and had a moment of covetousness (my sister has a Bosch mixer). But other than being annoying the kitchen-aid mixer wasn’t the problem. The only answer I could come up with is sinusitis which gives me a “head-in-the-clouds”  kind of feeling.

Well, I don’t feel like making more bread this weekend which means we’ll be eating tasteless flat bread or I’m going to buy some sourdough bread from the farmers’ market. I think I’ll buy bread.

— 2 —

I lost the baby monitor. In my cleaning frenzy this morning I misplaced the baby monitor. Our house is laid out in such a way that I can’t hear Teddy screaming upstairs when I’m in the kitchen. Hopefully my husband will find it when he gets home.

Squash goatee anyone?
— 3 —

No firewood yet. After looking at Annie’s woodpiles I was reminded that we have a wood stove to heat our home but very little wood to burn in it. I drove in circles today trying to find wood with no luck. I did spot some nice wood piles, at other peoples’ homes, and I was tempted to stop and ask those people where they got their wood. But then I felt shy and kept driving in circles.

— 4 —

I got a library card! In case you were wondering if all seven takes were going to be about my failures today I wanted to post a triumph. I am very happy to be in the possession of a library card once again. Tonight I’ll be getting acquainted with the online library catalogue, I can hardly wait!

— 5 —

No more disposable diaper wipes. We are making the final transitions back to cloth diapering. I stopped buying disposable wipes and we are only using disposable diapers at night time. We use a combination of cotton prefolds with Bummis Super Whisper Wraps and Bumgenius cloth diapers. My cloth diapers are pretty funky smelling so they’ve been getting regular ammonia busting with Funk Rock. I need to work on getting Sweetpea potty trained but maybe next week, or the week after that… I’m in no big rush…

— 6 —

Listening to more good tunes. This songs gets the whole family grooving.

— 7 —

Making cookies. I had to redeem myself from the horrible bread that I made. I took out Alice Medrich’s cookie book and made some oatmeal raisin cookies. It’s a great cookie book and has quite a few options for wheat free cookies as well.

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Kim Corrigan-Oliver October 13, 2012 - 12:01 am

Sorry about the bread, that always sucks, at least there are cookies, I say that is a good trade off 🙂 Enjoy your weekend.

Elisa October 13, 2012 - 1:17 pm

Aw. He is so cute! I just discovered Annie's blog earlier this morning. What fun! I think you should definitely go ask your neighbors about the wood. Go on a walk with the children and bring them along. Nobody can be unkind to someone with a bunch of cute little kids, plus it's a good excuse to meet people. I wish I had an excuse to talk to my farmey neighbors.

Sylvia October 19, 2012 - 1:50 pm

This may sound strange, but the best smell buster I've found for the prefolds and inserts (not covers!!!) is boiling water. I put a veggie steamer basket in the bottom of a soup pot and bring it up to a boil. Boil them 5 min. I put up to six of the pfs or inserts in per pot. After a boiling round, the water smell tells me if I need to change it out.

Also, have you heard of wool diaper covers? I'm a recent convert 🙂 We use them over top our bumgenius pockets because Dolly pees quite heavily at night. I was pretty sceptical if they'd contain things but they do. The only time we wash (quick sink wash) is for a poop suprise or the lanolin breaking down. No smell either. The lanolin apparently neutralizes the urine, hence the relanolinizing occasionally. Even that isn't a huge time buster (ten min sink soak and overnight drying time on the rack. Yay wood heat!). I've even put her for short night stretches without a pul cover, just a PF snappi-ed underneath without leaks. A nice breathable healthy options for night time.


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