Seven Quick Takes Friday

by Josée
Monday was a statutory holiday. It was nice to have an extended weekend but our weekly rhythm got muddled. I kept on getting confused on which day it was and we didn’t do many of our regular weekly activities, with the exception of going to the library. We go to the library once a week, usually Friday, it’s a non-negotiable outing. Even though it was a shortened week plenty happened around here. Life has a way of happening whether we want it to or not.
— 1 —

The milk spoiled. Actually, our fridge stopped working. I kept on thinking that it was odd that the fridge didn’t feel cold. Well, it was a balmy 16°C in there. Not particularly food safe. I think I know what’s wrong with it, thanks to the wonderful world of YouTube. It’s likely a broken defrost timer. I didn’t even know fridges had a defrost timer.

— 2 —

I keep breaking things. In the last 24 hours I’ve scratched our new curtain rod (doh!) and then dropped the curtain rod and broke a tile by the fireplace (doh!). Now I have consult YouTube to learn how to replace a broken tile. Sometimes I rush to get things done… I have to remind myself to slow down.

— 3 —

YouTube is a great resources for learning new skills. It’s taught me various knitting techniques, how to skin a rabbit, fix a leaking faucet, make lipbalm… what have you learned on YouTube?

— 4 —

Planing for Advent. I’m starting to get things organized for Advent, which begins on December 2nd this year. I’ll have a Advent post sometime soon to share some of our Advent plans for 2012. For now you might what to check out this Advent music album that will be coming out soon.

— 5 —

Do you play computer/video games? It’s been the topic of discussion around here these days. My husband enjoys computer games, it’s one of his hobbies and he is very reasonable about it. I, on the hand, cannot understand why people enjoy computer games. Maybe it’s because I’m not good at them. Thoughts?

— 6 —

The first time I heard this song was at a Banff National Film Festival. It was playing as Ueli Steck did a solo speed climb of Eiger. Every time I watch the clip below I get the goosebumps. What an incredible climb!

— 7 —

Have you entered my blog anniversary giveaway? I’ll be drawing a name Sunday, November 18th!

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Kim Corrigan-Oliver November 17, 2012 - 2:33 am

We are looking forward to Advent and have just started crafting up our calendar. I am with you on the gaming, I don't get it. Lucky for me my hubby doesn't either 🙂 And I love Youtube, it has helped me so many times with my knitting.

Enjoy your weekend.

Elisa November 17, 2012 - 3:04 am

Ug!! I had to stop watching that video…the climbing..MUCH too stressful. Why would he do that?? I hope my children never become such daredevils. I learn lots of things on youtube. My husband and I laid a concrete slab patio at our …2 houses ago. We learned how to do it through youtube videos. I google everything. The gaming..yes…my brother was heavily into that. I'm soooo thankful my husband is not. I have a real issue with it…but I know many moms who do not. I think it just depends…if my sons loved computers..which my oldest does, I would just have to be very strict about what type of games (no violence) and where the computer is (always in the family room where everyone can see what you're doing). The problem w/ many of the computer games are that the women in them are very…immodest. So I guess, according to someone I know, this can be a way for young men to become addicted to I would just be paying attention to that if I were to pick a game for my child. But we have no video games allowed for kids yet. Well, Solitaire is allowed occasionally. I used to allow "learning games" online, but I did away with all of them. I didn't like… was like being hooked up to the TV all the time.


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