Fall Weekly Menu

by Josée

December 1st. And so it begins, one of the fastest months of the year. Our family tries to approach this month with simplicity and reflection. We do this by having an intentional Advent. When Christmas arrives we celebrate for twelve days, so we feel that waiting is worth it.

This week in the kitchen I have plans to experiment with sourdough. Normally I use my sourdough to make loaves and the occasional pizza crust. This week I’m going to try buns and pocket bread. I’m also hoping to make a starter from scratch this week with rye.

to do: feed and divide sourdough starter
lunch: leftovers.
dinner: Dinner out.

to do: put stew beef in fridge to defrost
lunch: Picnic out.
dinner: Seafood. Depends on what the fishmonger has available.

to do: soak black beans, make pfefferkuchennuss dough
lunch: leftovers or mini winter veggie melts.
dinner: Beef rendang and steamed rice.

to do: feed sourdough starter, soak chickpeas
lunch: Leftovers.
dinnerBlack bean burgers with homemade sourdough buns.

to do: feed sourdough starter, start sourdough pocket bread, put lamb chops in fridge to defrost
lunch: Sourdough grilled cheese sandwiches and raw veggies.
dinnerCurried lentil soup.

Thursday [December 6th – Feast of St. Nicholas]
to do: make sourdough bread, marinate lamb
lunch: Hummus, raw veggies and nacho chips.
dinner: Lamb chops, Greek roasted potatoes, tzatziki and sourdough pocket bread (from the Sourdough A to Z ebook).
dessert: hot chocolate and pfefferkuchennuss (gingerbread nuts).

lunch: hard boiled eggs, raw fruit and veggies and cheese.
dinner: Sourdough barbecue chickpea pizza.

To make this week:
Horchata (dairy free)
Coconut tapioca pudding (dairy free)
Candied orange and lemon peel (with honey)
Beef stock. Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 from Well Preserved (still haven’t done this!)

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Chelsea December 1, 2012 - 7:58 pm

Is there a special reason you're making horchata? It seems like a summery drink? I suppose it might be warmer there than it is here….

Jeremie December 3, 2012 - 8:50 pm

It got up to a nice 10°C over the weekend. While that's not exactly summery it's not too shabby for winter weather.


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