The Importance of Slow Days

by Josée

Some days go by slowly. I use to be bothered by slow days, feeling that time was being wasted somehow. I am beginning to understand the importance of slow days. It’s on these days that I find my eldest tucked into a corner looking at an Asterix et Obelix comic book or sitting at the table practising letter writing (a first!). These slower days give my children the time and freedom to explore and play.

On slow days I hear myself saying “yes!” more often. Yes Sweetpea, let’s make the best play dough, and sure son we can make a batch of the most delicious ginger cookies. Not only am I more willing to asceed their requests I find myself to be more patient with their shenanigans. I draw the line, however, at eating handfuls of raw sugar when my back is turned.

Not only do I find myself to be more attentive to the little ones, I feel more connected to God. Our prayer candle is lit on these quiet days. As I move through my day I offer prayers for people in need. For the last couple days I have been praying for Jennifer Fulwiler a fellow Catholic blogger who is 24 weeks pregnant and has pulmonary embolisms. Please keep her in your prayers, I am sure she would appreciate it.

Join me by enjoying a slow day in your home or feel free to share how you or your family experience slow days.

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crunchymama January 5, 2013 - 6:53 am

Up until 2 weeks ago, the words "slow days" were not part of my vocabulary (we enjoy getting out of the house everyday to go to playdates, power play, museum, church group, etc). I was hoping to potty train E over the Holidays and quickly realized that we needed a few slow days to give him the time he needed to transition. What a learning curve for me! Similarly to you, I found myself connecting on a different level with my kids….and yes, E is now potty trained! Enjoy and embrace those slow days as they more valuable then we think!

Kim Corrigan-Oliver January 5, 2013 - 4:22 pm

Slow days are the best, we love them here 🙂 And I am happy to know my kid isn't the only one who would eat handfuls of raw sugar if I let him.

Thoughts and prayers to Jennifer.

Karen Sue January 11, 2013 - 4:48 pm

My neighbor brought me delicious ginger cookies for Christmas and I took her nothing…bad me! Maybe in a few weeks, I'll just surprise her!!
But where do you find that rolling sugar? I've been looking in the baking aisle of many stores over the past few months and not finding it or not looking for the right thing… I'm glad I found you! Think I need to go back and read some more about you! Just reading around on the Yarn along I didn't do this week and trying to have NO GUILT about what's not getting done…


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