Winter Weekly Meal Plan #3

by Josée

Another winter weekly meal plan. Actually there are still nine weeks left before spring (officially) begins. When I was walking around my yard yesterday I noticed some buds on our lilac bush. I figured the bush was confused because it’s still below zero most days. As I looked closer at the plants in our yard I’m noticing buds on our maple tree and hydrangeas too. Apparently they think spring is near and who am I to argue with them, they’ve lived here longer than I have.

Weekly Meal Plan template here.

lunch: Leftover black bean soup.
dinner: Sausage and cauliflower double crusted pizza.

to do: soak black beans
lunch: Leftover homemade pizza.
dinner: Rabbit stew in white wine.

lunch: Hard boiled eggs, raw fruits and veggies and cheese.
dinner: Vegetarian chili.

lunch: Leftover chili.
dinner: Homemade perogies and sausage (a special request from the birthday boy)

to do: feed sourdough starter
lunch: Leftover perogies (hopefully there will be some)
dinner: Mediterranean lentil soup.

to do: start sourdough buns
lunch: Leftover soup.
dinner: Sirloin tip roast and roasted root vegetables.

to do: make sourdough bread and buns
lunch: Leftover beef and vegetables.
dinnerBlack bean burgers on sourdough buns.

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crunchymama January 21, 2013 - 6:04 am

Could you post a link or recipe for your sourdough bread? It sounds like it's quite the staple in your weekly menu and I'm curious about it!


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