Winter Weekly Meal Plan #5

by Josée

Today Teddy decided he would write the weekly meal plan.

Teddy thoughts: What do I do with this thing? I wonder if it tastes good?
Ignore the awkward lighting. I call it swiper mask lighting.
To get this effect place a baby under a bright spot light.
Teddy thoughts: Not bad. I like it. We should eat pen for dinner every night.
Click on the link for the weekly meal plan template.

lunch: Left over split pen pea soup.
dinner: Out with friends.

lunch: Raw fruits, veggies, cheese and home made crackers.
dinner: Mushroom pizza.

lunch: Sourdough grilled cheese sandwiches.
dinner: Stir-fry beef and broccoli with rice.

lunch: Left over stir-fry.
dinner: Creamy sweet potato soup.

lunch: Left over soup.
dinner: Linguine and cauliflower pesto (Smitten Kitchen cookbook).

lunch: Left over pasta.
dinner: Broccoli and cheese tart.

lunch: Left over tart.
dinner: Creme of white bean soup with chili oil (Home Made Winter)

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