Happy 1st Birthday Teddy!

by Josée

Today we celebrated Teddy’s first birthday. As a mother I find first birthdays to be bittersweet. My baby who was, only a year ago, so small and helpless is now moving around and exploring world. There are so may changes, struggles and joys that happen in that first year. It doesn’t matter that he is our third child, every child is unique so each one feels like our first, in a way.

Now that Teddy is busy scouring the floor for crumbs and picking dust off the vaccum spout, there seems to be less time for snuggling and nursing. I miss these special moments especially since I love snuggling my baby, kissing his chubby checks and rubbing my nose in his downy hair. He is such a blessing to us (like all of our children) and I know that this time we have together is so special.

We celebrated his birthday simply. There was split pea soup and cupcakes for supper. Teddy was very offended by the texture of the icing (as you can tell from the picture above) but once he tasted the cupcake it was gone in no time. His gift was a set of Skip Hop utensils, bib, bowl and plate and he seemed thrilled to have his very own fork. Happy 1st Birthday sweet Teddy!

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crunchymama March 4, 2013 - 6:17 am

Oh my, time flies! I can still feel the excitement of reading your blog entry about your beautiful home birth…and now I'm reading about your baby turning one! Bonne fete!

Kim Corrigan-Oliver March 4, 2013 - 1:26 pm

Happy Birthday to your little man and happy birthing day to you! Looks like my kind of celebration, simple and full of love.


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