Still Recovering from Surgery

by Josée

My recovery from surgery continues at a slow but steady pace. For some reason I feel worse in the morning but better as the day unfolds. This morning I was doing my nasal irrigation when suddenly I felt hot, nauseous and light headed. I scrambled to the couch and stayed there all morning. I stopped taking my analgesic (tramadol) yesterday because I found that it was too intense so I am just using regular acetaminophen for pain. It doesn’t give much relief (it feels like I’ve been punched in the face) but I was told that I could not take any other pain reliever because of potential blood thinning effects. I was hopeful that I would be feeling better by now, it has been five days since the surgery, but I realize that there is no rushing the body to heal. It takes time and I just have to rest and be patient.

My husband’s parent have been staying with us since my surgery and I feel blessed by their presence. My mother-in-law has been caring for the children, cooking and cleaning and my father-in-law has been fixing things around our house and completing projects from the “honey-do” list. I am so grateful and I wish they could stay longer.

I did sneak out for a walk around the yard earlier today. I was surprised by how much change there has been. Nature is bursting with signs of spring. The baby rabbits are growing well and are absolutely adorable. I see fruit trees in flower all around the neighbourhood and new life poking through the soil. The landscape is turning from tones of grey to luscious greens and I am thrilled.

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Kim Corrigan-Oliver May 1, 2013 - 12:51 am

Glad to hear the recovery is going well.


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