Advocate for Change

by Josée

I haven’t had much time to be on this space. We’ve been enjoying a visit from out of town friends. Unfortunately the weather has been rainy and wet but it hasn’t stopped us from exploring the outdoors. We walked along an easy trail and saw puffy ponderosa pine and nibbled on sumac berries. I have this bad habit of forgetting my camera memory card in my computer. Of course I only realize it the moment I take out my camera to capture some pictures. You’d think I’d have learned my lessons after the umptienth time but apparently not.

Also, I’ve been planning our local March Against Monsanto. There are around 400 marches being planned worldwide for this coming Saturday, May 25th. One of the purposes of the march is to raise awareness on how genetically modified food (GMOs) can negatively impact the environment and our health and to bring forward solutions. In Canada our four main GMO crops are corn, soy, canola and sugar beets and these four crops are in so many processed items at the grocery store. Products by General Mills, Campbells, Coca Cola, Heinz, Kelloggs, Kraft, Minute Maid, Nature Valley (and many more)… have been contaminated by GMOs. We blindly eat this stuff and feed it to our children. So join us this Saturday by checking if there is an event happing near you ( and advocate for change!

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