The Beauty of Slow Living

by Josée

For the last week I have been reflecting on what it means to live slowly. Life has not felt slow these last couple months and it is taking a toll on me, both mentally and physically. Mothering three little children requires so much pouring forth of myself, as the day comes to an end I feel completely emptied and exhausted. This is not how I want to feel. Some might say that this is a phase in life that will pass, and there is some truth to this, but I don’t want to wish life away. Life is too precious and beautiful.

Living simply and slowly is something that I continually work at. Sometimes it seems so easy and natural but other times I find myself swept into the rapids and I cannot free myself. Having time away helps me retune and refocus. Only when I step away from everything do I realise how much suffering results from an overly busy life. Living slowly opens my heart to those around me, it makes me more aware of the needs of others and frees me to love them more deeply. I find myself more sensitive to the gentle whispers of my Creator and better able to see the colours and hear the sounds of creation. Living slowly requires a constant turning away from the demands of our culture and it isn’t always easy, but it is so wonderfully freeing.

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Jeremie June 20, 2013 - 6:09 am

I love the pictures! Hope you're having a great time 🙂

Kim Corrigan-Oliver June 20, 2013 - 7:23 pm

"Living slowly requires a constant turning away from the demands of our culture and it isn't always easy, but it is so wonderfully freeing."

Couldn't agree more with this. It also requires us to be conscious of what we prioritize in our lives. I find these days I am really thinking through things before I say yes, really making sure they align with our desire to live a slow and simple life.

Abby June 20, 2013 - 10:00 pm

This is me lately, too! The only thing that sometimes helps (when I legitimately can't scale back) is for me to really focus on slowing down throughout the day *even as I do the tasks*. I repeat to myself the quote that my grandmother had on her wall – "The hurrier I go, the behinder I get" – and try to just take each thing as it comes, with less hurry, less strategizing the next thing, less worry. I've found that when I can keep that mindset (and just let go whatever doesn't get done), the more my days are "full" but still slow and peaceful. The challenge I face is that living a slow life (in the sense of lots of old time ways of doing things – sourdough, knitting, laundry on the line, home-cooked meals) means that many things take longer, and thus the day can quickly get too busy… Sometimes I have to give myself permission to accept the quick out when I'm at the end of my energy, whether that's using the dryer or buying some bread. But generally I find that I wouldn't trade the "full" feeling that slow and conscious living affords…

Karen Sue June 30, 2013 - 10:54 pm

I'm always stretched too far. My hubby tells me to quit trying to squeeze 20 pounds of stuff in my 10 pound bucket. Sometimes it helps to have an answer ready all the time. "Wow that sounds great but I cant commit to you now". Even " I'll have to check my calendar". At times you want to do too much, sometimes you are guilted into it, even other Times you might not have a choice. Slowing down is worth the extra effort. good luck


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