Picking Berries

by Josée


This morning we spent some time at one of our favourite organic u-pick farms. I was hoping to pick a bushel of strawberries but the plants were picked over and we only gathered half a pail, minus a few that Teddy ate. There will be more strawberries in a few weeks so we’ll wait until then. The blueberries were ripening nicely so we picked a pail of those too. For our first time out this year my children did fairly well. My eldest was keen on helping while my daughter chose to sit on a blanket and share some applesauce with her cranky baby brother. I felt a little overwhelmed after our adventure and took a moment to review my tips for bringing children to u-picks. I want our time spent at the farm positive and enjoyable for everyone.

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Jane July 6, 2013 - 5:49 pm

Oh my goodness, is he walking?!


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