Garden Journal (vol. 13)

by Josée

Autumn is approaching. The days have been noticeably cooler and we’ve harvested everything from two of our four raised garden beds. A couple days ago we dug out the potatoes. We gathered about 20lbs of potatoes of all different shapes, sizes and colours. It was a lot of work and while we all agreed that it was fun to uncover those hidden gems, the amount of space the plants took didn’t amount to many potatoes. For the same amount of space we’ve already harvested double that amount of tomatoes and there are still plenty to come.

In place of the potatoes I sowed some winter spinach, kale and swiss chard. The seeds I planted a couple weeks ago are sprouting. I’m thinking about installing a couple tunnels over the gardens to help extend the growing season which I should probably do soon.

Other that a little bit of gardening most of my energy has been focused on harvesting and preserving. It’s exciting to see the jars of preserved food slowly add up but I still far from done. Thankfully I have some helping hands around this week which might give me a bit more time to share on this space.

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