Garden Journal (vol. 14)

by Josée

It rained yesterday, it was cold and I felt miserable. I snuggled under a pile of blankets and slept the afternoon away. Today the skies slowly cleared and with renewed energy we completed some much needed tasks around the yard. Two of the four raised garden beds were cleared out. The pepper and tomato plants were killed by frost but there were still the parsnips to pull up. Our small patch yielded about 25 lbs of parsnips. We were impressed. The compost bin filled up pretty quickly with all the frost killed vegetation and it needed some slight encouragement to make more room for the giant sunflower stalks. The other two raised beds are housing the winter crops and while the plants are not big I have harvested some healthy looking pac choi and will probably gather some baby swiss chard and kale in a couple days. So far the winter garden seems to be doing well but I anticipate cooler temperatures very soon.

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