Let Us Remember

by Josée

Today is a day for us to remember the enormous sacrifice that men and women have made in past wars and to acknowledge those that continue to do so in present day conflicts. This morning we brought our family to our local Remembrance Day ceremony. There were other young families present but the majority of people attending were older adults. As we sat in our seats we were greeted by a kind older lady who expressed her happiness at seeing us there. Yes, I want my children to know what war, sacrifice and freedom means. My eldest was very curious as the various groups paraded into the hall with their flags, drums and bagpipes. My daughter moved around the whole time and Teddy chattered on throughout the whole ceremony except for the two minutes of silence which he kept silent because he had something in his mouth. The elders around us were so kind and happy to hear him blabber away which put me at ease. The ceremony was simple, yet beautiful. I am so very glad that we went.

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Kim Corrigan-Oliver November 12, 2013 - 8:21 pm

Your parade looks a lot like ours 🙂 We had a good day for our parade, and enjoyed sharing in the ceremony honouring those who sacrificed so much for us.


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