Covered in Snow

by Josée

I awoke this morning to find a great big blanket of snow covering our area. While some people are probably grumbling about this significant snowfall, I am relishing it. The valley tends to be very overcast in the winter and that can be a downer for sun loving people like myself, but we are blessed with wonderfully mild winter weather so I don’t mind it too much. When the snow does fall even a dreary overcast day feels a little brighter and there seems to be more of a draw for us to go out and enjoy winter activities. This morning my children were outside the minute they finished breakfast and I joined them to move snow off the driveway and walkways. Goodness, it was so beautiful out there. The temperature is predicted to dip down this week which means we may have a few days to enjoy the snow before it melts away. It also means we need to get more firewood since our supply is dwindling.

My presence on this blog has been somewhat sporadic these days. Often this means I’m busy with some sort of project which is true in this case. While I’m not quite ready to divulge the details of what I’ve been working on, I will admit that I am very excited about it. Home learning and life in general also keeps us busy, but it has been a comfortable balanced kind of busy. The only thing that has been lacking around here these days has been the sound of my knitting needles clicking and sewing machine humming. Truth be told, I haven’t done any knitting or sewing since last spring and I think it’s time to do something about it.

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