Jesus Tree: Symbols, Bible Readings and Colouring Pages

by Josée

The Jesus Tree is a Lenten version of the Advent Jesse Tree (What is a Jesse Tree?). On each day during Lent a story about Jesus’ life is read from the Bible and a symbol is place on a tree. You can use any Bible, we like to use our New Catholic Picture Bible (NCPB). The Jesus Tree could be made out of any material, there is no right or wrong way of making one. Homegrown Catholic has some printable Jesus Tree ornaments which are nice and easy to use. I made a felt Jesus Tree using this Jesus Lent Tree Kit as an inspiration a while ago.

The symbols and readings below are based on the Jesus Tree Daily Reading recommendations offered by Jessica over at Shower of Roses, a blog that continuously inspires me. I have simplified the Bible readings and included new colouring page links as many on Jessica’s page have expired. Below is a picture of our felt Jesus Tree, it’s a little wrinkly from being in storage for three years.


Week 1

Week one begins on Ash Wednesday and ends on Sunday.

Day 1: The Presentation
Symbol: Two Doves
Reading: Luke 2:22-38
New Catholic Picture Bible (NCPB): The Presentation of Jesus in the Temple p.103
Colouring Page: Presentation of our Lord

Day 2: Jesus in the Temple
Symbol: Saw
Reading: Luke 2:41-52
NCPB: Jesus is Found in the Temple p.109-111
Colouring Page: Jesus in the Temple

Day 3: The Baptism of Jesus 
Symbol: Dove on Water
Reading: Matthew 3:11-17
NCPB: The Baptism of Jesus p.113
Colouring Page: Baptism of Jesus

Day 4: Jesus Tempted in the Desert 
Symbol: Tan Stones
Reading: Matthew 4:1-11
NCPB: The Temptation of Jesus in the Desert p.115

Day 5: Jesus’ Miracle at Cana 
Symbol: Wine Jar
Readings: John 2:1-12
NCPB: The Marriage at Cana p.117

Week 2

Day 6: Jesus Cleanses the Temple 
Symbol: Whip
Reading: John 2:13-17
NCPB: The Sellers in the Temple p.119

Day 7: Sermon on the Mount 
Symbol: Mountain
Reading: Matthew 5:1-16, 43-48
NCPB: The Sermon on the Mount p.131
Colouring Page: Sermon on the Mount (source: bibleprintables)

Day 8: Martha and Mary 
Symbol: Footstool
Reading: Luke 10:38-42
NCPB: Jesus with Martha and Mary p.173
Colouring Page: Mary and Martha (Source: curmudgeonry) or Jesus Visits Mary and Martha (source: calvarycurriculum)

Day 9: Great Catch of Fish
Symbol: Fish
Reading: Luke 5:1-11
NCPB: The Great Catch of Fish p.125
Colouring Page: Miraculous Catch of Fish (source: craftinghtewordofgod) or Fishers of Men (source: calvarycurriculum)

Day 10: Jesus Blesses the Children 
Symbol: Child’s Face
Reading: Mark 10:13-16
NCPB: Jesus and Little Children p.165
Colouring Page: Jesus and the Children (source: calvarycurriculum)

Day 11: The Transfiguration 
Symbol: Radiant Face
Reading: Matthew 17:1-8
NCPB: The Transfiguration p.161
Colouring Page: The Transfiguration (Source: familyfeastandferia) or The Transfiguration (source: calvarycurriculum)

Day 12: Curing of Ten Lepers 
Symbol: Spotted Hand
Reading: Luke 17:12-19
NCPB: The Ten Lepers p.127
Colouring Page: Jesus Heals Ten Lepers (source: calvarycurriculum)

Week 3

Day 13: Jesus Quiets a Storm 
Symbol: Cloud with Lightning
Reading: Mark 4:35-40
NCPB: Jesus Calms the Storm p.147
Colouring Page: Jesus Calms the Storm (source: sermons4kids)

Day 14: The Good Samaritan 
Symbol: Horse
Reading: Luke 10:25-37
NCPB: The Good Samaritan p.171
Colouring Page: The Good Samaritan (source: holybiblecolouring)

Day 15: Jesus Walks on Water 
Symbol: Footprints on Water
Reading: Matthew 16: 22-33
NCPB: Jesus Walks on the Water p.154
Colouring Page: Jesus Walks on Water (source: calvarycurriculum)

Day 16: Promise of the Eucharist 
Symbol: Chalice with Host
Reading: John 6:22-59
NCPB: Promise of the Holy Eucharist p.157
Colouring Page: E is for Eucharist (source: maximilianmedia)

Day 17: The Good Shepherd
Symbol: Sheep
Reading: Luke 15:1-7
NCPB: The Good Shepherd p.183
Colouring Page: The Good Shepherd (source: sermons4kids)

Day 18: Jesus Feeds 5000 
Symbol: Loaf of Bread and Fish
Reading: John 6:1-15
NCPB: The Miracle of the Loaves and Fishes p.153
Colouring Page: Feeding the Multitude (source: craftingthewordofgod) or Jesus and a Boy’s Lunch (source: calvarycurriculum)

Day 19: Samaritan Woman at the Well
Symbol: Well
Reading: John 4:4-42
NCPB: The Samaritan Woman p.123
Colouring Page: Samaritan Woman at the Well (source: calvarycurriculum)

Week 4

Day 20: The Cripple at the Pool
Symbol: Mat
Reading: John 5:1-16
NCPB: The Cripple at the Pool p.129
Colouring Page: The Pool at Bethesda (source: calvarycurriculum)

Day 21: Nicodemus Comes to Jesus 
Symbol: Dove on Water Drop
Reading: John 3:1-15
NCPB: Nicodemus Comes to Jesus p.121
Colouring Page: Jesus and Nicodemus (source: calvarycurriculum)

Day 22: Return of the Prodigal Son
Symbol: Ring
Reading: Luke 15:11-32
NCPB: The Prodigal Son p.177
Colouring Page: Parable of the Prodigal Son (source: calvarycurriculum)

Day 23: The Rich Man and Lazarus
Symbol: Angel
Reading: Luke 16:19-31
NCPB: The Rich Man and Lazarus p.139
Colouring Page: The Rich Man and Lazarus (source: christianimages)

Day 24: The Call of Matthew 
Symbol: Money Bag
Reading: Matthew 9:9-13
NCPB: The Call of Matthew p.137
Colouring Page: 12 Disciples (source: whatsinthebible)

Day 25: The Blind Man
Symbol: Eye
Reading: John 9:1-41
NCPB: The Blind Man p.181
Colouring Page: Jesus Heals the Blind Man (source: calvarycurriculum)

Day 26: The Man with the Withered Hand 
Symbol: Hand
Reading: Luke 6:1-11
NCPB: The Man with the Withered Hand p.145
Colouring Page: Jesus Heals on the Sabbath (source: calvarycurriculum)

Week 5

Day 27: The Centurion’s Servant 
Symbol: Roman Helmet
Reading: Matthew 8:5-13
NCPB: The Centurion’s Servant p.134-135
Colouring Page: Healing of the Centurion’s Servant (source: calvarycurriculum)

Day 28: Zacchaeus the Publican
Symbol: Tree
Reading: Luke 19:1-10
NCPB: Zacchaeus the Publican p.187
Colouring Page: Zacchaeus (source: calvarycurriculum)

Day 29: Peter Receives the Keys to Heaven 
Symbol: Two Keys
Reading: Matthew 16:13-20
NCPB: Peter, The Head of the Church p.159
Colouring Page: Jesus Gives Peter the Keys (Source: Catholic Mom’s Helper)

Day 30: Widows’ Son Back to Life 
Symbol: Face with Tears
Reading: Luke 7:11-17
NCPB: The Widow’s Son p.142
Colouring Page: The Son of the Widow of Nain (source: calvarycurriculum)

Day 31: A Coin for Caesar 
Symbol: Caesar Coin
Reading: Matthew 22:15-22
NCPB: The Temple Dues p.163
Colouring Page: Render to Caesar (source: sermons4kids)

Day 32: Lazarus Raised from the Dead 
Symbol: Mummy Head
Reading: John 11:1-44
NCPB: Lazarus Raised From the Dead p.179
Colouring Page: Jesus Raises Lazarus (source: craftingthewordofgod) or Jesus Raises Lazarus (source: calvarycurriculum)

Day 33: The Adulteress
Symbol: Gray Stones
Reading: John 8:1-11
NCPB: The Adulteress p.175
Coloring: Woman Caught in Adultery  (source: calvarycurriculum)

Week 6

Day 34: The Widow’s Mite 
Symbol: Two Small Coins
Reading: Luke 21:1-4
NCPB: not available
Colouring Page: The Widow’s Mite (source: sermons4kids)

Day 35: Woman Anoints Jesus’ Feet 
Symbol: Foot
Reading: Luke 7:36-50
NCPB: The Penitent Woman p.141
Colouring Page: Anointing Jesus’s Feet (source: calvarycurriculum)

Day 36: The Rich Young Man 
Symbol: Gate to Heaven
Reading: Luke 18:18-27
NCPB: The Rich Young Man p.182
Colouring Page: The Rich Young Ruler (source: calvarycurriculum)

Day 37: The Mother of James and John
Symbol: Throne
Reading: Matthew 20:20-28
NCPB: The Mother of James and John p.185
Colouring Page: James and John with Jesus (source: fredericksburgchurchofchrist)

Day 38: Jesus’ Entry into Jerusalem
Symbol: Palm
Reading: Matthew 21:1-11
NCPB: Entry into Jerusalem p.189
Colouring Page: The Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem (source: calvarycurriculum)

Day 39: Judas Takes 30 Silver Pieces
Symbol: Bag with 30 Coins
Reading: Matthew 26:14-16
NCPB: Judas Betrays Jesus p.197
Colouring Page: Judas’ Kiss (source: benscoloringpages)

Day 40: Jesus Washes Disciples’ Feet
Symbol: Washbasin with Pitcher
Reading: John 13:1-20
NCPB: Washing of the Feet at the Last Supper p.191
Colouring Page: Jesus Washes the Apostles Feet (source: biblewise)

Week 7

Day 41: The Last Supper 
Symbol: Chalice with Bread
Reading: Matthew 26:19-29
NCPB: The Institution of the Holy Eucharist at the Last Supper p.193 and The High-Priestly Prayer of Jesus at the Last Supper p.195
Colouring Page: The Last Supper (source: apostleshipofprayer)

Day 42: Agony in the Garden
Symbol: Praying Hands
Reading: Matthew 26:30-56
NCPB: The Agony in the Garden p.196
Colouring Page: Jesus Praying in the Garden (source: apostleshipofprayer)

Day 43: Peter Denies Jesus
Symbol: Rooster Head
Reading: Matthew 26:69-75
NCPB: Peter Denies Jesus p.199
Coloring: Peter’s Denial (source: supercolouring)

Day 44: Pilate Presents Jesus to the People 
Symbol: Red Robe with Crown
Reading: John 19:4-15
NCPB: Jesus Before Pilate p.201, Jesus is Scourged p.202, and Behold the Man p.203
Colouring Page: Crown of Thorns (source: apostleshipofprayer)

Day 45: Jesus is Crucified 
Symbol: Crucifix
Reading: Matthew 27:33-56
NCPB: On the Road to Calvary p.204-207, and Jesus Dies on the Cross p.209
Colouring: Jesus Dies on the Cross (source: apostleshipofprayer)

Day 46: The Burial of Jesus 
Symbol: Draped Cross
Reading: Matthew 27:57-66
NCPB: The Burial p.211
Colouring Page: Jesus is laid in the Tomb (source: apostleshipofprayer)

Day 47: The Resurrection
Symbol: Tomb with Stone
Reading: Matthew 28:1-10
NCPB: The Resurrection of Jesus p.213
Colouring Page: Resurrection (source: onlinefellowship)

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Thanks Josee,
I was looking for something sequential for Circle time during Lent. Although I don't have the full Jesus tree and symbols, the kids have enjoyed and learned a little more from each Bible story because of the colouring/puzzle pages.


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