A Western Toad

by Josée

Can you spot the toad?

Friends of ours rescued a Western Toad out of their well pit last fall. The toad had fallen in somehow and wasn’t able to escape. As a result, it was severely dehydrated and unprepared for the winter which was fast approaching. Our friends knew the toad wouldn’t survive the winter and since the Western Toad is an endangered specie they took it home and cared for it throughout the winter. The toad not only survived, but thrived and was much loved. Before setting the toad free we were given the chance to care for it for several nights. I never knew a toad sleepover could be so exciting. My children were thrilled that Mr. Toad was staying with us. They fed it worms and occasionally my children would wiggle their finger in front of the toad to get it licked by the toad’s strong tongue. The toad seemed comfortable in his well made home, and tolerated little face getting close to it.

Today we met our friends and hiked a short ways to a nearby pond. The toad seemed excited to be outdoors and was set free among the dried grass surrounding the pond. For a while it simply stayed in one spot as we watched in anticipation to see what it would do. After a while it tucked itself into a hole in the grass. We wished it well and took our leave. We hope that Mr. Toad has a happy life by that pond.

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W-S Wanderings April 7, 2014 - 10:21 pm

Oh, I am most fond of toads. Such characters. Thank goodness this fella was rescued and well-loved. Happy trails, Mr. Toad!

Josée April 7, 2014 - 11:06 pm

Toads are such neat creatures, and you're right about them being such characters. Mr. Toad was known for begging for food 🙂


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