Garden Journal (yr 2: vol 2)

by Josée
Raspberry cane.
Chinese cabbage.
Fast growing tomatoes.
There is no denying that spring has arrived. I see signs of newness everywhere. Birds are busy building their nests and searching for food. In the last week we’ve seen woodpeckers, robins, quail, red winged blackbirds and our resident stellar jay, all of them very focused on the task at hand. The cheery trees are beginning to bloom and the balsam root are starting to flower.

The tomatoes and peppers I started indoors are growing with vigour, the tomatoes especially. I was trying to remember when I had transplanted them into the gardens last year, and I think it was towards the end of May. At the rate the plants are growing I’m going to have a jungle in my house by that time! If the weather is warm enough I might put them out sooner.
Outside the overwintered plants continue to grow and I will probably be able to harvest some spinach, cabbage and kale in the next week or so. I planted some bok choy, spinach and mustard greens over the weekend. The pea haven’t sprouted but I was impatient and dug into the soil a little to see if they were germinating. I was happy to see that they were beginning to send out shoots and I expect to see baby peas soon.
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