Garden Journal (yr 2: vol 4)

by Josée

We arrived home earlier this week. It was a good thing we arrived late at night because my yard had transformed itself into a jungle and I was itching to be working out there. In the week that I was gone everything became so green and alive. In some places the grass and weeds were up to my knees (remember that I’m short). All around my yard there are pretty purple flowers: lilac, allium, iris, columbine, violets, tulips and wisteria. I’ve been working hard all week to catch up to the immense growth spurt outdoors. I moved the onions to the front of the house where, hopefully, the deer won’t eat them. I transplanted the volunteer lettuce to another bed to make room in my garden for the tomatoes which finally went in this afternoon. We’ve had a steady harvest of last fall’s spinach, kale and parsnips the last few weeks and I’ve been enjoying it so much that I plan to plant a fall crop again this year. I also planted some squash seeds, one of each of the following: Black Beauty zucchini, Ronde de Nice zucchini, pattypan squash, Small Sugar pumpkin and early butternut squash. I still have some cucumbers and beans to plant somewhere… and peppers to transplant. It’s such an exciting time of year for gardening.

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Elisa Armstrong May 19, 2014 - 1:42 pm

Oh, the pics are so beautiful!! I wonder what garden zone you are in? There is a wisteria variety that works for my cold zone, but I guess it will take about 3 years to flower, but I have time!! I'm so eager to get some color into my yard.


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