Garden Journal (yr 2: vol 5)

by Josée

I have four raised garden beds, each is four feet wide and sixteen feet long. This year I’ve planted lettuce, spinach, mustard green, carrots and swiss chard in the first bed (the one closest to the house). The second has bush beans (which I just planted this week), beets, kale and more swiss chard. The third is filled with tomatoes and basil and the fourth has a variety of peppers. There is also a small garden bed in the corner of the yard with peas and squash.

Right now there are plenty of hungry bugs in my garden chomping down on tender greens and new sprouts. It’s rather frustrating especially when I go to gather baby spinach for supper only to discover something got to it before I did. To prevent further damage I’ve covered susceptible garden beds in row covers. I’ve been checking the beds every day and removing any leaves affected by leafminers to halt their lifecycle. It seems to be helping and it looks like I will have some baby greens to call my own in a day or two.

Last year we planted three fruit trees, two apples and a peach. They all have fruit on them which is exciting but my peach tree has peach leaf curl, a fungal infection. There isn’t much that can be done about it now but I will look into an organic means of control for next year if there is any. If any of you have experience growing peach trees please feel free to share your knowledge with me. Other than the bugs in the gardens and the fungus on my peach tree, everything else seems to be growing well.

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Eryn Wiedner June 1, 2014 - 2:02 pm

I forgot to tell you I checked our peach tree when we got home and the leaves look very similar! Please let me know what we can do, although it happened last year too and we still had delicious fruit!

Josée June 7, 2014 - 2:38 am

Maria said to use an organic copper spray in the fall and the spring 🙂


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