Jam Camp by the Sea

by Josée

We have returned from our Jam Camp adventure on Salt Spring Island. We camped for five nights at Ruckle Provincial Park, a walk-in campground that sits on the south east end of the island. It was our first visit to one of the Gulf Islands. Every morning we ate breakfast while admiring the ocean sparkling under the rising sun. The ferries would drive by every couple hours and occasionally we would spot a sailboat or fancy yacht. The campsite beach is rocky but when the tide is low you can venture out and peek into tide pools. We found starfish, crabs and sea anemone in shallow pools of sea water. It was amazing how much life the ocean sustains, even in those small tide pools.

Jam Camp is a family friendly camp where people come together to make music. The theme of this year’s Jam Camp was Surprise! And there were surprises throughout the week! Like an impromptu birthday party for a set of twins that were once conjoined (part of a skit), dragon eggs in the forest, silly hats, and treats hidden in pots. There were also group projects that people work on throughout the week. Jeremie and I took part in a songwriting group while Felix and Claire joined a musical theater group. Teddy discovered the instrument tent and was happy trying out every single ukulele he could find. There were also opportunities for music lessons in the afternoon. A variety of lessons were posted on a board and anyone that was interested could sign up. You could learn to play the guitar, violin, ukulele, banjo, accordion, African drums… jam with others… learn how to do poi or do crafts (for the children). We didn’t sign up for many things this year but Felix enjoyed learning poi and Claire liked the crafts. I snuck into a ukulele lesson on the last day and fell in love with this happy little instrument.

We also had a few opportunities to explore Salt Spring Island. I stopped at Moonstruck Cheese and bought some delicious organic ash-ripened Camembert. Mmmm cheese. I also managed to visit Cherry Blossom Design right before catching our ferry back home. They make such beautiful organic clothing that are very comfortable to wear. I almost feel guilty wearing the dress I bought because I feel like I’m in lounging wear. I would love to go back to Salt Spring Island again. It was such a lovely place. We will have to see where Jam Camp brings us next year.

Jam Camp 2013: Kokanee Creek

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