Visiting a Premier Equestrian Facility

by Josée

Last weekend, when people were coming to the Okanagan to celebrate Canada Day we were going west to visit family. I always feel a little strange leaving home during the summer because it is so nice here in the summer months. On the plus side we were going against traffic so it made the road trip quite enjoyable. We spent some time visiting my husbands sister and also had the chance to see my parents while they were at their horse show.

My parents bought three horses after the last of their three children moved out. They have become serious horse people. I knew that things were getting serious when I discovered that each of their horses have several (half a dozen?) brushes, apparently horses cannot share brushes. Who knew? My parents take riding lessons and ride in competitions. For the last week, my parents have been competing at Thunderbird Equestrian Park, a premier equestrian facility (that’s what the website says). It’s actually a really nice place.

We met my parents at Tbird and said our hellos to Prestige and Lucy, two of my parents’ horses. Teddy was terrified of the horses and was firmly attached to my husband’s shoulders. Claire had absolutely no fear of being around the horses, which made me a little nervous, and would have stayed there forever if she was allowed to. We walked Prestige and admired the roses. It was lovely… until the horse tried to eat the roses… actually it was still lovely and the remaining roses were beautiful.

After our visit with the children horses, my parents took us to Fort Langley, a quaint little touristy town. We visited the actual fort. My children enjoyed the various demonstrations but the gold panning was by far the best. You can never go wrong with rocks, water and shiny gold things (not real gold of course), even Teddy was in on the fun.

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