Garden Journal (yr 2 vol 11)

by Josée

Welcome Fall! I have felt your steady approach, your gentle but firm embrace. We have yet to feel your frosty touch but the coolness that you carry along has slowed growth in my garden significantly. I have started to harvest more aggressively, trying to put away as much as I can before it is too late. I planted some bok choy and spinach a few days ago in the hopes of late fall harvest, or early spring harvest. There are still plenty of tomatoes and peppers waiting to ripen and it seems that there is still time yet.

Little hands have been discovering all sorts of delights in and around the garden: worms, pill bugs, slugs, and spiders (one of which was a black widow). How interesting it has been to collect seed pods and noticing that fallen seeds are starting to sprout. My children are helping to plant new seeds and then digging them up again right away to see if they have grown. Curious hearts.

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Alice McCrea September 25, 2014 - 1:05 am

It is so good to see your children involve in the garden. Keep smiling, you will have lots of food for the coming months.


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