The Freakn’ Farmer – 2014

by Josée

The Freakn’ Farmer is a freakn’ fun race! It’s an obstacle course similar to Tough Mudder but better because after the race you get to indulge in farm fresh food and drinks (including wine and beer!). I had registered for 5km race but due to a terrible accident that happened to Teddy yesterday evening I was unable to make it. My older children did get to do their race, the Mini Freakn’ Farmer, in the afternoon and they had a blast. My husband followed our daughter around while I snuggled Teddy and coaxed him to stay still with farm fresh grapes, which is no easy task when there is so much excitement. I hope that I will be able to participate next year, maybe there are some of you that want to make a team with me? Think about it, you’ve got a year.

The Freakn’ Farmer last year.

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okgardener September 22, 2014 - 4:54 am


Great pictures! Claire looks like she's having a blast. Sorry to hear that Teddy's fall meant you couldn't participate yourself but hopefully he'll be feeling better soon!

I'm definitely in for next year and my sister and possibly her husband are in too. We'll have to get together over dinner so you can fill me in .



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