The Christmas Tree

by Josée

For the last several year, our little family has gone out into the wilderness, or semi-wilderness, and cut down a tree for Christmas. It has been a family tradition that my children and I really enjoy. This year we also cut down a tree… from a string… that hung at our local garden centre store. In the last week we’ve had sickness in our home, and I have been the most unwell. We were all eager to set up our Christmas tree but did not have the energy for a big adventure, so we drove to the garden centre instead. As we drove into the parking lot I let out a small sigh of sadness and wondered if my children would be disappointed. They were not! The excitement of getting a tree overshadowed any sign of disappointment that there was no snow to tromp through, and the happiest of all was my husband who declared that “this was the best way to get a Christmas tree!”. It was definitely the easiest Christmas tree procurement in the last several years and there is something about simplicity that is good for the soul during this busy season.

My boys set up our beautiful tree in the living room. After adjusting it a little here and a little there, making sure it was straight, busy little hands started to decorate the bottom two thirds of the branches with glee. My husband fixed our tree top angel who had lost her ability to light up. After spending a good amount of time troubleshooting the faulty wiring he opted to shove a whole strand of lights under her dress and position two very orange lights for her to hold on to. To me she looks a little like an air traffic control angel but she has charm nonetheless. After all the ornament boxes were emptied and the sun started to set my children gathered around the tree and were swallowed up by its magic. Their eyes twinkle with wonder as they caught their reflection in the shining ornaments. Every night since the tree has been set up my children have asked if they can sleep under its glowing light for just one night. My husband remembers doing this as a child and has promised that, yes, for one night they can sleep under the tree.

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Libbety December 17, 2014 - 12:38 pm

My son used to sleep on the couch in the living room when the tree was up. He loved falling asleep to the soft glowing lights on the tree and the smell of fresh pine. Good memories.

Alice McCrea December 17, 2014 - 5:32 pm

Josee, your write up about the Christmas tree touched me deeply and brought tears to my eyes for some reasons. You are wonderful parents. God's blessings on you. Do get better soon. Love. Alice


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