A Day of Rest in Chiang Mai

by Josée
It was a day of rest for the travelling gang. When we stepped out for breakfast this morning we heard a symphony of moans and whines coming from our children. They weren’t keen on walking anywhere but after some cajoling we made our way to the U.N. Irish Pub for breakfast. According to our friends this is the best place in Chiang Mai for an authentic american style breakfast. The bread is made on premises and the sausage is real (not just a hot dog). After eating there I have to agree that it was the most delicious breakfast we’ve eaten yet.

After breakfast we meandered through the alley ways of old Chiang Mai. We admired the artistic graffiti, perused the shops and market and even stopped to dip our feet in a fish spa. The rest of the day was spent resting at the hotel. My husband and children have a bit of a cold so they were happy to lounge around and recuperate. I too was happy to relax and read my book to store up some energy for visiting the night market. Tomorrow we have a big day ahead of us so hopefully we all feel well rested and re-energized in the morning.

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