Driving South (Again)

by Josée

Today we drove from Sukhothai to Petchaburi which is close to 600km. The drive went really well. There was a moment when the driver (my husband) and the navigators (Mike and Eryn) scrambled to figure out how to bypass Bangkok. Tensions were high but they figured it out and we took the correct exit. Go team! The children were kept entertained with various electronic devices which mitigated conflict and as a result undue stress. We had a few quick stops along the way for eating and using the bathroom. It was a rather uneventful drive, which was good but I don’t have many pictures to share. 
We stopped in Petchaburi for supper, a la McDonald, and then proceeded to figure out where we would sleep for the night. When we left this morning we weren’t sure how far we would drive which is why we did not book a place to stay in advance. The place we eventually chose was Fun-D. The rooms are small but modern and clean. I don’t think that the lady was very keen on having us. Even after my husband negotiated a price, signed and payed she came to our room asking for more money. My husband insisted on speaking to the manager which put an end to her swindling. Tonight our family is feeling tired and irritable which is expected after such a long drive. Tomorrow, however, is a new day and we are heading for the beach! Yipee!

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